Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute S.C. (EMTI S.C.)

EMTI S.C. is a private company operated by Ethiopian Shipping Lines and YCF Group, a diversified investment firm with global operations in the shipping industry.

The enterprise is designed specifically for Ethiopian engineering students seeking career placement in the international arena. In partnership with premier Ethiopian universities, the EMTI S.C. will train over 1,500 Marine Engineering Officers annually. After graduation the Company is providing Marine Engineering Officers long-term career employment aboard international commercial vessels.

The establishment of EMTI S.C., hand in hand with transformational program of FDRE will make the country to be as a premier supplier of highly-skilled commercial seafarers to the global shipping industry. EMTI S.C. will ultimately yield other benefits for Ethiopia including a greater presence in the international labor market, significant foreign wage remittances and an enhanced domestic workforce in civil service, transportation and engineering industries.

EMTI S.C. recently had selected its initial 24 Marine Engineer Cadets from Bahir Dar University. These cadets, after successfully completing basic marine training and participating on voyages aboard commercial vessels operated by world-renowned vessel owners including Zim Integrated shipping Services, Offer Shipping and Ethiopian Shipping Lines are graduated. After completing the training program cadets are provided career employment with premier international ship-owners.

The training cycle has continued following the graduation of the first cadets at the prestigious Maritime Education and Training Administration in Israel.

EMTI S.C. is establishing at Bahir Dar University to graduate over 400 Marine Engineering Officers each year. Within the next four years EMTI S.C. will expand its presence by developing academies at four premier universities throughout Ethiopia to train and employ over 10,000 Ethiopian Marine Engineering Officers. This platform will generate over $250 million U.S. dollars annually to the Ethiopian economy through wage remittances, establish the country as a major exporter of skilled labor to the international market and further the National Transformation Goals.

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