The main Objectives of the Shipping Sector, of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise, is to provide Coastal and International Marine and Internal Water Transport services, from/to Djibouti Port, Through the Ports of:-

  • Gulf and Indian Sub Continent
    • Aden, Dubai, Hodeidah, Sharjah, Jebel- Ali Jeddah, Damam, Muscat, salalah, Yemen, Mukhala, Candla, Mumbai, Kochin, Srilanka-Colombo, Karachi.
  • China
    • Beijing, Dalian, Kingdao, Lian Yungang, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou,Xiamen, Guangzhou, Zhanjiangn, Hunghou, Quingdao.
  • Korea
    • Busan
  • Japan
    • Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe.
  • Singapore
    • Singapore
  • South Africa
    • Durban/Cape Town
  • Indonesia
    • Jakarta, semarang

The Shipping Sector provides uninterrupted Sea transport service, in and around the above ports, despite all inconveniences it may face, or any instability in the neighboring countries around. The Service the Sector provides is quite safe, because it takes the maximum care towards all the cargo it carries. The Sector, in this regard, conveys the message to all its customers “You just Come, or Call and Confirm your Bookings; We Carry, Your Cargo and Care for it.”

Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise
"Kirkos District, Kebele 15 (La gare)"
P.O.Box 2572 | Tel: 251-011-5518280 | Fax: 251-011-5519525

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia