Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise
Good News for Our Customers!

By a decision of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and a Council of Ministers Regulation No 255/2004 dated as of November 21, 2011 a new Company, The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise is established to provide efficient and cost effective Shipping, Logistics and Port related services. The new company is redesigned up on the foundation of merging three companies working for more than 40 years in the sector, namely the former,

  1. Ethiopian Shipping Lines S.C
  2. Maritime and Transit Services Enterprise.
  3. Dry Port Services Enterprise
The new company is an expression of a highest service rendering capacity that aims to meet the nations demand for international standard services in huge magnitude in import and export trading. The new company is business friendly and is ever ready to provide its customer a 24 hour dependable, prompt and to the standard solutions. We herald our customers that this big company, the first of its capacity and size in the country is formed as of November 21, 20011 and invite you to come to the head office in Laghar and get accustomed to our services. Count on us our Company’s Benefits are yours! The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise!!!

Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise
"Kirkos District, Kebele 15 (La gare)"
P.O.Box 2572 | Tel: 251-011-5518280 | Fax: 251-011-5519525

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia