The Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute (EMTI) graduated 20 Ethiopian marine engineers at a grand ceremony held in Israel on the month of March 2011.

General Manager of the Marine Education and Training Authority, Varon Zachar, said on the occasion that the graduates were provided with intensive academic and practical training during their study.

He added that the officers were also equipped with the necessary skills and ethics that make them fit to work on international shipping companies.

Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL) Managing Director, Ambachew Abraha said that the graduates received additional training at the prestigious Maritime Education and Training Administration in Israel over the past six months.

According to Ambachew, the launching of the training programme is expected to bridge the gap of the young Ethiopian engineering students seeking career placement in the international arena and meet the growing demand of professionals in the field.

EMTI established its first marine academy at the Bahir Dar University to ... graduate over 400 marine engineers annually, Ambachew indicated.

"Within the next four years, EMTI will expand its presence by developing academies at four leading universities in Ethiopia to train over 10,000 Ethiopian marine engineer officers," he added.

Dr. Baylie Damtie, President of the Bahir Dar University, said on his part that the graduates will be goodwill ambassadors to their country and the Marine Education and Training Authority of Israel.

A Gennan-based shipping company has already agreed to employ 12 of the graduates, while an Israeli shipping company decided to recruit the remaining eight officers. The Ethiopian Shipping Lines S.C. was founded in 1964 and started operation in 1966, it was learnt.

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